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Celebrating Black History
Read With Your Children Or Students... 
inspiring stories of AFRICAN-AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN whose inventions, discoveries and research have advanced the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering And Math (STEM)
As You Celebrate Black History, Check Out These Hands-On Activities That You Can Do With Your Students...
To Infinity And Beyond
A rocket blast off experience for children, a glimpse into the world of aerospace engineering inspired by STEM Icon Guion Bluford.
GPS Scavenger Hunt
STEM Icons Gladys West & Warren Washington show how computing plays a key role in climate modeling, GIS and GPS. Step into their world for a puzzling experience!
cAndy: A For Agriculture
Explore the wonderful world of agriculture with STEM Icon George Carver, the peanut man, who innovated agriculture. 
Electricity Please!
With inspiration from inventor Garrett Morgan, we will explore electricity and the foundations of an electric circuit. 
Pumping The Heart!
With STEM Icons Mary Daly & Alexa Canady, get a heart-pumping look into the field of biomedical engineering.
Peek Inside Computers
Let's explore computer science as I/O detectives as we learn about computer engineer Mark Dean.  
  I am impressed by the hard work my students have completed on building [projects]. Students that have been struggling in their classwork excelled in this program ... [it] is an important component to learning that I will continue to advocate for.
- Dr. Cheryl, School District Superintendent
  I can bring the programs much faster and much easier to the market.  
- Gaurav Sangal, ME, MBA, Father and Business Owner

  It's a tried and tested program ... disseminated to thousands and thousands of kids... and people want that and people are coming back for it.  
- Dr. Tayo Fakunle, Medical Science Liasion

  My experience has led me to understand the significance of teaching children from a young age to think creatively, work collaboratively and communicate effectively. Through research, I discovered the vast need in the world for students who are prepared to fill the ever expanding job market ...[this showed me how to] bring the two ideas together.
- Donna Curtis, Mother, Former Teacher & Entrepreneur

  I have never been happier than I am now in teaching children...  and since our children are the best hope for our future, I hope to play a pivotal role in shaping our leaders of tomorrow.
- Christina Toufexis, Mother, Educator & IT Professional

About Moni Singh
A young aspiring girl becomes the first female engineer in her community. In her quest to solve global challenges and to make a lasting difference, she contributes to design, manufacturing and sales of technologies like wireless and satellite phones, internet to homes and smart meters. 

Heeding her calling, she then immerses in the mission to bring the excitement of science and engineering careers to children. With rigorous labor of love, she develops STEM For Kids®, an educational system, that for over a decade has been enabling entrepreneurs, teachers and educators globally to bring fresh multi-dimensional STEM curriculum into their classrooms. 

Her creation, STEM For Kids®, ranked #173 on the highly coveted Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list. She is a recognized Leader in STEM who has delivered "quadruple-wins" in numerous communities in 5 countries. She is the recipient of numerous awards and recognition including the Triangle Business Journal's 40-under-40, Women in Business - Leader in STEM and Entrepreneur Magazine's 100 Women Of Impact.

Having gone through several transformations in her own life and career, seeing the world from various vantage points, from preparing herself to preparing organizations, to educators and to preparing children … she has learnt and developed impactful knowledge on future preparedness for kids. Now, she is on a mission to help children succeed by passing this practical knowledge on to parents, educators and caregivers around the globe.

Meet Moni Singh, a learner, a creator, an educator, and a mother of three children. 
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